Monday, July 16, 2007

I Got 99 Problems But...

Well, I am now a member of the facebook community. Will that affect the semi regular posting on here?
I doubt it.

My Top Tips:

If every time you log on to your computer you open the same things (i.e. iTunes, Internet, Bittorrent(Dont steal music), or whatever), this website shows how to create a shortcut that will open them all in one. It is programming but if you can create a txt document then you are qualified.

Random Updates:

Busy has become my middle name. Admittedly its not 'real' busy, yknow with pressure to get things done, but Im never sitting around wishing I had something to do. The weekends seem to fill up and drift by all too quickly. Like last, last weekend, went in to Max Brennars for chocolate on sunday morning, sure some people go to church, but us gods prefer chcolate. It was SO good, the thick italian milk chocolate and the Suckao (Pron: Suck-ow) were so good, although im 99% sure i now have diabetes.

This most recent weekend (I am so lazy with the updates) saw a trip with Alana to Bondi. We were celebrating the end of our first Salsa dancing course, with a big group dinner at the CopaCabana Bondi, which was great. Dinner is served continually, no menu so i guess if you didn't like the food it might not be so good. I did, which was great. It also has professional dancers performing throughout the night, lots of different styles, including capoeira (Brazilian Fight Dancing). It was all in all a great night.
Alana and I also stayed overnight in Bondi at the Swiss Grand Bondi, which was really nice. Alana booked it through wotif and got 50% off which means we got a suite. It was a really nice place, and included breakfast.

Then on sunday my cousins came down. I had forgotten how much fun hide and seek is. I also forgot that the purpose of the game, whether you're hiding or seeking, is to shoot Alana.

Caught in the Web:

A list of the best websites of the year, as voted by time magazine. Worth a look if you want to see what the next YouTube or MySpace might be.


Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom:
This was the first book I read through Daily Lit.
Addictive as crack. This is set in the future when the death rate has dropped to 0, thanks to the ability to 'backup' yourself, much like a computer. These backups can be restored into clones. In this future money has been eradicated and the currency of the time is 'whuffie' (respect). The story follows a person who is living in Disney World, taking care of the Haunted Mansion. I won't give the plot away but i will say once you start reading you wont stop, which is easy because its not that long. The story never drags, even though there are many sub stories and diversions to the central plot. Each of the main characters are fleshed out as much as needed and the relationship between them is constantly evolving in engaging ways.
The author does a fantastic job of portraying this possible future as realistically as possible, doctors do not have medical skills anymore, as they simply restore from back up as a perfect cure-all.
A fantastic light read, thats engaging and fun.
Divine Word: Read it, its free for crying out loud.

Oh hell yeah.
I was hyped for this movie, but more than a little hesitant.
All fears were blown away. This movie is fantastic. The plot is paper thin, but there is enough to hold it together for the two and a half hours. The action is balanced reasonably well, with character and plot developing scenes. The star of the movie is obviously Shia LaBeouf, who plays his part to perfection.
The transformers themselves are good, and have much more personality than i ever thought they would. Which helps make them more interesting as characters. The secondary set of characters are all quite good, the soldiers, the government (both the defence and sector 7) and the (Hot!) signal expert all fall into place quite nicely.
The pacing is excellent flowing between the action and characters. Its just a great movie.
Divine Word: Go see it.

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer:
Wow Marvel. First Spiderman 3 and now this. You've gotten lazy. F4:RotSS is a lazy, lazy sequel. It doesn't step away from the first enough to stand out, and what it borrows from the first it does so poorly, so the end result is a massive let down.
The problem is that nothing in the movie stands out. The infighting between the four is never really dramatic enough to make you think that the team will split up. The surfer is obviously a 'good' bad guy so you never side against him, galactus is never given a personality so its hard to side against him and Doom is sidelined for so long in the movie that when he makes a play, it is overshadowed by the larger threat.
Everything in this movie was done better in the first. I have trouble recommending this even for fans of the original (As I am) because it not only fails to live up to it (like Spiderman 3) it fails completely as a movie.
Divine Word: Don't Bother.

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