Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Don't Shine If You Don't Shine

My Top Tips:

This site lists different ways to build self confidence, these things are easily done and I was surprised to see how many I have already adapted in my life. I start to wonder, does my confidence come from these activities that i have started or did my starting these things come from an increased confidence. The ones I started a while ago include:

  • Dress Sharp - I don't look great all the time, but when I want to make an impression, or look good, I think I pull it off quite well.
  • Walk Faster - I have never walked with someone who can keep up with me effortlessly. It's not a fitness thing I just happend to walk quite quickly, walk with a purpose and you will want to do more when you get to the destination.
  • Good Posture - This is just sensible advice. Stand up straight, you look better and feel better, there is no down side, and no reason not too.
  • Work Out - This is something that is not applicable to everyone. However if you look at it as any type of exercise it is much more obtainable. The positive effects on the body are recorded everywhere.

Random Updates:

I just caught myself thinking, "Its just inconsiderate of someone not to have a blog now days". I don't really believe it, but its not such a bad idea. There are times when you want to catch up on what people are doing and you don't want to call them, making blogs not necessary but extremely useful. I mean this is just me, and as you can tell I'm all for technology and stuff.

Caught in the Web:

To give people an idea of what its like to talk to clients that want a website made, this site provides a pretty good, and funny comparison.
This site lists some of the strangest things found in Google Earth. From bikinis on bondi beach, to a giant rabbit and elephants on the move. Its a great spread of things that can be found if you look hard enough.

Self Improvement Link of the week:

Those in the know, know that i meditate, just before going to bed usually, but I try and do it everyday. Its my own personal mix of transcendental meditation and various calming / healing techniques. I dont do it, to heal or anything grand like that. It relaxes and centers me, and helps me detatch from things that are worrying, annoying or bothering me. It gives you a broader perspective on your world. Here is an article that lists four other reasons to meditate.

Similar to this here is an article for establishing a calming routine. Who among us wouldn't like to be calmer and more relaxed during the day.


I have decided to stick to a star rating system for all things. It will make review comparisons easier.

Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix:

The movies have been, hit and miss in my opinion. I think the first was quite average, the second was great, Lockhart stole the show completely. The third was excellent, I wish they had of kept the director from this for the rest of the movies. It had a good tone, and although some scenes were bad, it had more atmosphere and style than the others. The forth was in my opinion pretty poor the characters were WAY off.

The fifth movie redeems the franchise from the fourth. Due to the size of the book, being crammed into a short movie, the movie moves along at a blistering pace. It does not stop, it runs from one great moment to the next.

The actors are all performing a lot better now, which is to be expected. Some of the casting is just perfect Umbridge, Voldemort, Bellatrix and Sirius are all spot on to what i imagined in the book.

The book had two scenes that I loved Fred & George leaving the school and Dumbledore resisting arrest. Both these scenes were great, really great, but not quite as I pictured them. However the fight between the Death Eaters and the Order was even better than i thought (It was too short).

Overall I think it was a great movie, definitely a step up from the previous movie and exciting me for the next.

King of Kings Rating: ****

Stella by Starlight:

A good production. It was funny and engaging. I think all the performances were very strong. I enjoyed it.

King of Kings Rating: ***

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Its hard to review this without emotion as its THE LAST EVER HARRY POTTER. Its also hard not to give to much away. I'll do what I can.

To break it down the book starts really strong. Equal parts emotion and action. The book continues well for quite a while. The book slows down once it is just Harry, Hermione and Ron. This part is quite slow, however it mirrors the feelings of the characters at the time, as they are also waiting. Once things pick up again they don't slow down. There is a the final fight between the forces of good and evil and it does not dissapoint. There is much said about the epilogue, that it is hacked together and forced. I think that it served its purpose to wrap things up nicely.

King of Kings Rating: ****1/2

Babe of the day:

Keeley Hazel

Top 5 Hits of the Week:
1. Sams Town - The Killers
2. O Fortuna - Carmina Burana
3. Umbrella - Rhianna
4. What Ive Done - Linkin Park
5. King of Kings - MotorHead

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