Monday, October 02, 2006

Ok, This Bacons Done.

Got that from the Simpsons, still funny.

Seriously want to play the new Superman game. Need a 360 for it though. Wont get myself one of those till i graduate. I suppose the wait is good.
I was thinking about that earlier, the on demand way I, and i suppose many live their life. I feel that although i have patience i have no need for it, if i want to watch something i put the DVD in, if i want to hear a song, i download it. Is this a better thing? Im going to say....yes. Getting most things on demand makes you appreciate things you have to wait for even more.

Today had its highs and middles. Didnt do a whole lot, i mean some assignments but still, a feeling of a day wasted. But I did see Alana, and that makes everyday that much better, hell it makes even a bland day like today seem worthwhile.
My group is so not going to have anything to hand in tomorrow, its all on me, and I am the man.

it seems like a tradgedy something i love to do, drawing, ill always suck at. Such a shame, but i will keep trying though, i am slowly getting better, and i suppose i compare myself against some pretty good artisits, such as:
I suppose, this being divine words i should impart some wisdom.
Never, ever give up. Never even think about giving up. This is what stops so many people. It comes down to a matter of perspective. Rather than thinking, "I could never do this", think "How can i do this, what will it take etc"
Thats all you get for now.

Quote of the Day:
" A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting right next to you sayin "That was f*%king awesome!!!" "

Divine Words Seat of Heat (Totally Ripping off the Daily Show, I know):
"If time stopped for the rest of the planet, for 48 Hours, what would you do?"


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C) Stick it in.

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