Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Its Getting hard out here for a pimp!

Ok, for the first (and hopefully last) time ever my title kinda relates to the post. This story will break the hearts of everyone world wide. I mean if K'Fed & Britney can't make it work how do the rest of you mere mortals stand a chance.

Bush lost control of the House, looks like a change is coming. Will he be forced to withdraw from Irag early?
Should he?
One way or another i think we'll get some answers in the next two years.

For those of you with Office 2007, I just found out that if you rename the .docx files .zip, you can see the XML packages that make each document. Pretty cool. Ill have to exploit this when I start using the .NET 3.0 framework.

I just realised how you can customise google. Damn that web site just keeps getting better.

I know it'll end up costing me damn near a grand but Matty want.

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Alana said...

So you've cracked to code in Office 2007, huh? Matty, I love you, but that sounded..well..not as cool as you wanted it to. Sorry. For everyone out there who reads his blog, please keep reading and listening to what this man has to say. Share the pain.