Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Caught in the net

Just going to throw out some things Ive found online lately that I think are worth showing.

First off:
Google - I know Ive gone on about this in the past but get a gmail account. Some of the other cool things you will get include:
  • A blogger account :)
  • Personalised Google.
  • Google Co-op. - This allows you to make your own search engines. You select what sites you want to search and it does it.
  • Google Pages - Free website hosting with a dead easy website creating tool
Captain America. The well known comic hero 'died' recently, i give it 18 months on the outside before he is back. What was interesting though is that Colbert got Cap's shield. I thought it was funny and cool.

This will make you think. Once it gets onto the computer stuff you can more or less tune out though, its all just guesses.

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